A new model of participation in the Digital News Report

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has released its Digital News Report 2013. There’s an interesting section in there that proposes a new model of participation.

The researchers built the model by “coding responses to questions about contributing to the news according to levels of proactivity (e.g. posting a comment, writing a blog) and reactivity (liking a news story, voting, etc.).” They combined this data with frequency of each activity.

The report says that 63 percent of people in UK is participating in some way each week, with 40 percent doing so online (some discuss news with their friends offline). Here’s how those 63 percent are distributed across the different forms of participation:

Maybe not so surprising, the report says that the 25–34 group is particularly proactive (35% of all intense participators).

It’s interesting to look at the gender differences: Those who contribute and participate heavily in news online, the “intense group”, is heavily male. Those who like to talk about news offline tend to be female.

For more data, see the section in the Digital News Report.